Mission and Vision

Every meeting, workshop, practice offered here is meant to serve you and I to increase our self-awareness, get clear with our feelings, and connect with our Higher Power.

I rely on recovery literature and mindfulness practices to craft unique meetings and messages that facilitate emotional well-being and spiritual growth.

About Me

Hi. I’m Simone. My intention is to facilitate inclusive, safe, and supportive environments in which to learn, heal, and grow emotionally and spiritually. I also write social, spiritual, and personal reflections in lyrical prose and source interesting content others may find useful in their emotional wellness journey.

In witnessing and personally experiencing the hurtful ways hurting humans sometimes relate to one another, I want to create spaces where we relate with our self and one another in nurturing ways. I like and appreciate people, and have a great deal of sympathy for our shared human condition. I desire our greatest good individually and collectively. My desire to be in service arises out of my spirituality. I know there is another way to be in this world where all living beings are related to with dignity and care.

About this Project

This online project focuses on what I believe is necessary for human flourishing: 

  • emotional wellbeing (building capacity instead of emotional bypassing)
  • lived spirituality (direct experience vs. a belief system)
  • healthy socializing (nourishing and not harmful)

The spiritual path followed here is the 12 Step recovery model because the results of working the Twelve Steps are:  

  • right size ego
  • personal accountability
  • conscious contact with our Higher Power, and practical guidance
  • truthfulness, with ourselves and with others (emotional honesty in community)
  • living amends (living our change)
  • service

I have big goals. I desire our collective to experience spiritual, emotional, and relational health and I know that starts with me + you & you & you & anyone who wants to do this.