12 Steps for a Spiritual Awakening

Participating in Step work is a transformative experience for those who earnestly seek self-knowledge and spiritual direction. As we strengthen our connection to our Higher Power, we gain clarity about ourselves and recover our Natural Essence.

Saturday, November 19th, 8:00am PST

Meeting ID: 827 1294 0978

Passcode: 12in4

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Steps Cycles* are based on the newcomer model used by Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1940s to facilitate a clearing of the heart from resentment. In those years, AA enjoyed a 50-75% recovery success rate due to their use of a simple formula which allowed newcomers to directly experience the promises of the program; to gain the strength to achieve sobriety at a time when alcoholism was believed to be a hopeless condition.

In Steps Cycles we learn more about the origins of AA. We read from the AA Big Book and the ACA Big Red Book. We do our resentment and fears inventories and a modified version of amends all together in group. We begin to identify our survival strategies prompted by unconscious feelings. We learn how to connect with our Higher Power and we commit to living by spiritual guidance and spiritual principles moving forward.

The experience of millions of people is that working Steps brings about a psychic shift.

Each time we work the entirety of the 12 Steps we take a bit off the top of defense mechanisms like denial, projection, minimizing, rationalizing, controlling, blaming, shaming, and so on. The workshop will last about four hours with appropriate breaks.

The promise of Steps Cycle is a conscious connection with a Power greater than ourselves who will help us master what’s mastered us (our unexamined shortcomings, stumbling blocks, false beliefs, etc.). Whether you’ve never done the Steps or have done them 100x, please join us for a spiritual and emotional tune up.

For more information, please email me.

*Steps Cycles are not a replacement for working the ACA Yellow Workbook with a Sponsor or Therapist.